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I’m Moncell Allen, a former athlete who traded in my playbook for a camera. 

My passion for photography and videography began with my first passion, football. I started out making football highlight videos for friends and teammates. What started as a fun way to help out fellow athletes quickly grew into a consistent hobby and later a career. 

My story is unique in that I developed my skills completely on my own. I never took a class or online course, I learned everything just by playing with equipment and practicing whenever possible.

Fast forward to present day and I am now making music videos, commercials, filming weddings and much more. I never thought a fun favor for friends would turn into a lifelong passion.

There’s no better feeling than seeing the way a finished product impacts a client. When someone’s face lights up because I was able to capture a special moment, I am always reminded of why I got into this business. 

The videography world is always evolving as technology changes and advances. I love the challenge of keeping up with the latest equipment and learning to master new skills. 

I would love the chance to work together and show you how my camera lens can capture your most precious memories.

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